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The new phone tag

I lost my cellphone Friday night on the 49, but didn't realize it 'til I woke up the next morning. Since it's patched into my building's intercom, I tried to get ahold of whoever might've found it. No joy there, so I retraced my steps to the bus stop on Pine, then I went to Charlie's on Broadway, to see if somebody turned it in there. They didn't have it, of course, but the maâtre d' let me use their phone, and I got hold of the guy who found it. I had to get on the and go to his workplace to retrieve it, and once more, I depended on Yahoo! Maps, which messed me up big time! So, I had to get back on the 7, and I finally picked up my phone!*

*Weird turn of events, riding the 7 out of Downtown; the guy who found my phone was on the 49 when I lost it, but couldn't catch up to me to give it back; when I got on the 7, he was sitting in front of me, and we talked a bit. He didn't recognize my voice, apparently, and when I met him at his work, we both had the shock of recognition.
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