exaspéré, exaspéré! (brucevbracken) wrote,
exaspéré, exaspéré!

Nightmare Room, Part II

In the nightmare room,
the tongues of the living
are redistributed throughout
the cemeteries of Chicago.

In the nightmare room,
a pedophile prophet gets
the keys to the city
and a temple of hatred.

In the nightmare room,
the school safety czar
measures a sixth-grade ass
knuckle by knuckle.

In the nightmare room,
the attorney general
calls the truth cowardice
and he calls ignorance strength.

In the nightmare room,
green power lets turtles
drown in slick oily platitudes
so as to not be too pure.

In the nightmare room,
blue power points fingers
between stand-up routines
anywhere but at himself.

In the nightmare room,
SWAT teams make on the
spot psych evaluations
on the newly jobless.

In the nightmare room,
I'm trying to wake up
underwater, while doctors
ask me to sign with my eyes closed.

In the nightmare room,
the community organizer
slips a rubberstamped vote
in with the no code papers.

In the nightmare room,
I run from blue corpses,
in their red and purple
pointy hats. Please let me wake up.

In the nightmare room,
I'm a blue cadaver, looking at
my blue heart, dripping strange juice
to feed a rotting fruit tree.

Please, let me wake from this
nightmare room; let me feel
my fresh red heartbeat.
Let me hear my red tongue sing freedom.

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Tags: 1984, can i take this for granted/with your ey, poem, poetry, poetry slam, slam, via ljapp, writing

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