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Answering the Nov. 30/30 challenge

In answer to the November 30/30 challenge, my first poem of November:


It sputters a short-circuit breath,
like half-life phosphorous decay.
We lobotomized Edison.
We only call zombies righteous.

Like half-life phosphorous decay,
The zip-glamour of body bags.
We only call zombies righteous,
then cannibalize the bright-eyed.

The zip-glamour of body bags.
O, praise the Equalization!
We cannibalize the bright-eyed,
to command the red metal strings.

O, praise the Equalization,
for the mud you Impart to us.
We command the red metal strings,
to give us the social magic.

For the mud you impart to us,
we open our mouths, supplicant.
To give us the social magic,
we manufacture the dissent.

We open our mouths, supplicant,
for bread and cheese to fall into.
We manufacture the dissent
for dull peacocks with cracked lenses.

For bread and cheese to fall into,
we're left holding Hallowe'en bags.
For dull peacocks with cracked lenses,
our Alpha starlings preen and strut.

We're left holding Hallowe'en bags.
O, praise the Equalization!
Our Alpha starlings preen and strut!
Amazing Grease, for squeaking wheels!

Copyright 2010 Bruce V. Bracken

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Tags: 30/30, free speech, pantoum, poem, poetry, poetry slam, slam, spoken word, via ljapp, writing

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