exaspéré, exaspéré! (brucevbracken) wrote,
exaspéré, exaspéré!

iPod Album Shuffle Top 11

Nos. 1-11 in today's iPod Album Shuffle Countup: 1. "Array" - Black Nite Crash 2. "Hormonally Yours" - Shakespear's Sister 3."I Love Rock & Roll" - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts 4. "No Shibboleth" - Bruce V. Bracken 5. "Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond 6. "White Blood Cells" - The White Stripes 7. "No Exit" - Blondie 8. "Count Three & Pray" - Berlin 9. "Golden Ocean" - 50-Ft. Wave 10. "I'm With Stupid" - Aimee Mann 11. "Version 2.0" - Garbage

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Tags: black nite crash, bruce v. bracken, ipod, joan jett, music, neil diamond, shakespear's sister, via ljapp

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