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They run the strings thru the scalp.
That's how they build the new you.
See in the dirty mirror?
How youthful your crimson yarns.

That's how they build the new you,
for reality TV.
How youthful your crimson yarns,
queen of the cutting-room floor.

For reality TV,
how would you like your lips sewn,
Queen of the cutting-room floor?
We use the yellowest wire.

How would you like your lips sewn,
surgical action figure?
We use the yellowest wire,
perfect for bad attention.

Surgical action figure,
now with candy-pump action,
perfect for bad attention,
from stain-hungry side airbags.

Now with candy-pump action,
and the smear where your face was.
From stain-hungry side airbags,
we perp-walk treadmill lemmings.

On the smear where your face was,
everyone's a firebug.
We perp-walk treadmill lemmings;
autograph our eyes with shame.

Everyone's a firebug.
You know, it's fun when ants melt
under magnifying glass.
The bigger, the more you burn.

You know, it's fun when ants melt,
like Hollywood plastic drips.
The bigger, the more you burn,
like science fiction movies.

Like Hollywood plastic drips,
the flash is only lukewarm.
Like science fiction movies,
but with a low boiling point.

Copyright 2011 Bruce V. Bracken

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