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Shocking News

I had a friend in Amarillo named Steve Bowles. He was/is(?) an artist and an arts
organizer, and I had him over to my parents' house a few times, when I was living with them.
He had a large book collection, one of them quite rare, an Italian printing of which his copy was one of only 1,000 in the world.

There was a 7-year-old boy that disappeared on the North Side, about five years ago. No one has yet found a trace of him.

I called my friend Deanne Sunday night, and she told me that the police suspect Steve in the boy's disappearance. She told me that he threatened her husband one time because he refused to let him in the house.

Amarillo is a strange little city. Home of STanley J. Marsh III, creator of Cadillac Ranch, owner of KVII-TV, looks like Colonel Sander's evil twin, an alleged pedophile, who puts "art signs" in people's yards, whether they want him to or not, 200,000 stories, how many twisted and dark, hidden from the prairie sun?

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