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Chac Mé ar na hUibheacha!

I was really stupid yesterday! I left multiple messages on Chris Holmok's voicemail telling him that I'd lost my cellphone in his truck. I also emailed hm, and asked him to meet me at Mr. Spot's Chai House. Then I sent about $50.00($35.00 deductible, and because I was using Western Union, another $12.95.) to Sprint's insurance company to replace it, went through alot of trouble, having to do it over, because they messed it up on their end, and I left Chris in the lurch at Mr. Spot's, instead of heading over there to tell him that I had sent off for a replacement. But I didn't need to go through the insurance hassle, because he got my messages, and he was trying to get in touch with me, so he could give it to me. So, I'm out $50 for nothing, 'cause I can't get a refund. I hope I'm not out a friend, too.
Tags: telephone, uncanny chris-men

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